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What is DiddleSnap?

DiddleSnap is a HackMaster extension that can be used to capture any screen on your Palm (using a single, configurable keystroke) and save it as a new DiddleBug sketch. Possible uses include:

  • Move pictures from other Palm applications into DiddleBug
  • Snap a map from ImageViewer (or other mapping program) and annotate it with directions to your favorite Pub.
  • Procrastinate to the fullest! You can delay filling out a form by simply making a DiddleSnap of it. This allows you to set an alarm to remind yourself that you still need to fill out this information at a later time when you are not feeling so lazy/hurried.
  • DiddleSnap your broken links in AvantGo to remind yourself later to add them to your channel.
  • Before and After... If you are changing some information such as a phone number in the Address application, you can DiddleSnap the "before" picture just to ensure that it is still available until you are able to verify the new info.

How to use DiddleSnap

To use DiddleSnap, you must first install X-Master (or another Hack-manager). After installing X-Master, install the dbscHack.prc file, which is included in the zip file in the Download area.

DiddleSnap has two different types of screenshots that can be snapped: with or without the titlebar area of the application that you are snapping. From within HackMaster, you can select the stroke to be used for each type of snap. The stroke can be from any of the 4 silkscreen buttons (app, menu, calc, or find) to any other silkscreen button. The default stroke for a full-screen snapshot is from the Calculator button to the Find button. The default stroke for a screenshot with the titlebar area clipped is from the Find button to the Calculator button. In the Preferences, you may also select whether or not you want to Jump to DiddleBug after you have taken a snapshot.

To actually use DiddleSnap, simply go to an application that you would like to take a picture of, then perform the stroke that you have configured (i.e. - drag your stylus from the Calc button to the Find button). You should hear a click, then you will be transferred to DiddleBug showing the new snapshot you have just taken. Please note that snapshots cannot be taken from within DiddleBug... they must be taken from another application. Also, greyscale and color screens will be converted down to 1-bit monochrome bitmaps for use within DiddleBug. Hi-res snapshots taken on Sony Clie devices will be scaled down to 160x160 pixels.